Desktop WarBird CursorXP and CursorFX Vista Cursors

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Download Desktop WarBird CursorXP and CursorFX Vista Cursors Author: Drill’n Boss Author’s Notes: Everything is skinned on this set, including most of the clicked modes. Animated? You bet! Plenty of action here.

Adrenaline – vista windowblinds theme

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Author: PixelPirate Author’s Notes: This is a full WB based on the skin I did for the PowerArchiver contest some time ago. Updated slightly of course. This skin features toolbar icons, progress animations, animated throbbers, per pixel graphics and all the other WB goodies. Also included is a compact start menu substyle and a Vista [...]

Whack and Blite cursor set

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Author: Bouzounours Author’s Notes: These were made for my own use, I just wanted something a bit chunkier to aim my mouse with! PS : the “waiting” cursors are animated. Download

TransGloss TheAnimator

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Author: Themerboy Author’s Notes: Trans Gloss The ANIMATOR has arrived. After much much hardwork I make animations in WB. It is my first try in WB Animations. This is updated of TransGloss base features. Animated Windows Captions, Animated User PAnel, Animated Start Button, Animated Task BAr buttons, Animated buttons. Download