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Radium Neue For IconPackager

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Radium Neue For IconPackager

Author: ipholio
Author’s Notes: Icons ported to IconPackager by myself, originally created by gakuseisean (permission granted).

This is a very complete package, Sean worked with me to create an icon for nearly every possible replacement. Hope you enjoy this set!

Icon-A-Day – icons

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Icon-A-Day - icons

Author: mormegil
Author’s Notes: ***Update***
These Icons were done as part of my Icon-A-Day tutorial sires. In the 1.1 Icon Pack all Icons have been updated to include 256×256 Windows vista Icons. This is the last update to the 1.0 Icons, as I will be starting a new Icon-A-Day Vista Compliant pack in March. It will be based on the original pack but with all the newly supported vista Icons Included.


This Icon Package is the the end result of the Icon-A-Day tutorial series, a step by step guide to making a Complete IconPackage. To learn how this package was assembled and finalized or To view all the Individual Icon-A-Day Tutorials visit the Icon-A-Day Index. Visit