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New look for GUI MODS

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Welcome to revamped GUI MODS!

I have been planning to give GUI MODS a face uplift since months, but never got around to doing it. But finally today after a lot of hard work and troubleshooting of the new template, it’s almost done!

Since GUI MODS has become a resource for Vista related goodies, I have tried to give it Vista look and feel. And so far I am quite happy with the results.

What do you think of the new layout? Isn’t it looking and functioning a lot better?

New galleries on GUI MODS

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It’s time to add a couple or more of new galleries folks!

Coming in Windows Vista section:

  • Vista sidebar styles
  • Vista sidebar gadgets

In skins section:

  • Windows Media Player

Let me know what you think, and what else you want to see on GUI MODS :mrgreen:

Breaking the ice

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Hi there everyone :D GUI MODS is almost going to be one year old and I am very pleased with the success of this project, and happy to see where its going.

Although, when I started GUI MODS, there were a few other blogs that focused on Windows customization and posted various collections of skins and themes, the problem with them was (and is) that they posted content from only and didn’t bother to explore other great sites with equally brilliant stuff. What I did different was that I went out on the web, chose whatever caught my eye and posted it here in one neat collection.

So, in a few months people started coming in huge numbers and the traffic charts were filled with tall sky-scrapers. Today GUI MODS gets thousands of guests everyday who enjoy browsing through all our galleries.

Not being complacent with current success, I have realised that there is a lack of interaction between me and my guests (readers) so to fill up this gap I am writing this post, trying to break the ice.

What do you all think about GUI MODS and especially how do you think GUI MODS can be improved? What other galleries should be added and which ones should be gotten rid of?

Please make use of the comment form to add your comments :)