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Luna Vista Style for Windows Vista – vista theme

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Luna Vista Style for Windows Vista - vista theme

Author: Razor VinT
Author’s Notes: LunaVista (Windows Whistler Rebirth) visual style by Jazket for Windows Vista.

This is an SFX self-install package. Although it will most likely not work, hence Windows Vista’s new UAC. If it doesn’t try running as “Administrator”. This package includes the following:

1 – Visual Style for Windows Vista
2 – Wallpaper 1280 x 1024
1 – Windows Sidebar Theme for Windows Sidebar Styler
1 – Uxtheme.dll patch for Windows Vista x86 (zip file).

Aero 4074 Remix for Vista – vista theme

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Aero 4074 Remix for Vista - vista theme

Author: sahtel08
Author’s Notes: This is an update to my previous Theme Aero 4074.

The following files are added,

1. 3D User Picture.
2. Back and Forward buttons.
3. Glass Toast.
4. Shutdown & Logoff Buttons in StartMenu.
5. Sidebar Style.
6. Skin Pack.
7. Taking Ownership Screenshot.
8. Top-Shell & ControlPanel Shell Flag.
9. UXTheme Patch for 32 & 64 bit Vista.
10. Welcome Center.
11. Windows Media Player(wmploc.dll).
12. Winversion & Logon Logo.

Kindly let me know If you find any bugs/errors in Forums or though Mail.

Thanks to all my friends who had been guidded and suggested me with this pack and a Special Thanks to Mo3rk for some resources in Basic Theme and LH ShellStyles.

Longhorn Beta 1 Style for RTM – vista theme

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Longhorn Beta 1 Style for RTM - vista theme

Author: hiromoshi
Author’s Notes: Based off of what I think was one of the best beta UIs of Windows Longhorn, with a few of my own additions. This theme is virtually identical to the theme that was used in Beta 1, except with a few minor differences. Firstly, the taskbar is true glass, meaning it’s not dark shaded, or some cloudy 4074 glass task bar. As far as I know it’s functional to the point where it can be used on a day to day basis. Personally I’ve used this theme since I created and haven’t gone back since. There is no shellstyle.dll created with this release, mainly because I felt I couldn’t improve on the current shell style that is in place. Also, DWM is largely unmodified, except for one minor detail, the close button is no longer red when the window is active, as I felt that it was a huge blemish on an already picture perfect Aero Glass. One last thing, I really hope you enjoy this release, I’ve spent about a week on it, not as long as other themers, but this is simply a mod of the Windows Aero theme.