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Dream for Vista – Vista Theme

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Dream for Vista - Vista Theme

Author: patrickgs
Author’s Notes: Installation
To use custom visual styles you need to patch your system, via VistaGlazz, TuneUp Utilities.

Next unpack “Shine” folder in “Style” to ‘C:\Windows\Resources\Themes’ (where C is the partition with Windows installed)

Now you can change the visual style by clicking any .msstyle file, or via ‘Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance’

Aquos II Vista Theme

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Aquos II Vista Theme

Author: yoitzalvin
Author’s Notes:
A theme that is inspired by some of the biggest names in theme editing. Available in 3 sub-styles Available for users who HAVE and HAVE NOT installed Vista Service Pack 1.