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Black Vista Basic v3.0 – Windowblinds theme

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Black Vista Basic v3.0 Windowblinds theme

Author: unclerob
Author’s Notes: Updated Black Vista Basic wb5 skin (v3.0) features several start panel substyles:
- full & compact solid (opaque) start panel
- full & compact transparent start panel
- full start panel with no action buttons (for those that don’t want action buttons on the windowframes)
- oversized start button
- vista style titlebar buttons with glow effect

Many improvements over v2.0 including updated windowframes and titlebar buttons, added glow button effects, added action buttons with overlay images with text description (transparent window button, rollup/unroll window, windowblinds page shortcut & windows media player), improved startpanel/moreprog area bkgrnd & item elements, skinned flat menus, updated taskbar/taskbar buttons/group menu bkgrnd, disabled userpane pic area & removed included wallpaper image, added off2k7 style scrollbar thumb & arrow buttons, updated control panel elements, updated ie7/vista style internet explorer toolbar icons, etc. Overall, a 100% improvement over the previous version of this skin.

Vienna for Vista – Windowblinds theme

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Vienna for Vista Windowblinds theme

Author: vStyler
Author’s Notes:
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Vienna for Vista
By vStyler
Monday, May 14, 2007
EDIT.. Please redownload and update as I have updated it to correctly use all Vista shell and explorer images.

Anyone want a nice vista theme? Thanks for y’alls patience.. It’s true what they say.. ALWAYS better if you have to wait.

Here is Vienna.. for Vista.

Nuage Redux – windowblinds theme

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Nuage Redux - windowblinds theme

Author: essorant
Author’s Notes: This is not a completely new skin. Quite a lot of the images are from my ‘Nuage’ skin, (which is available to buy at the link below!) and I decided I liked the shellstyle so much it deserved a new skin of it’s own. In the process I decided that I wanted to do a really transparent design – a kind of Aero alternative.

So here it is. Not new, not Aero, but all good.

There is no wallpaper included, but there are two different versions – one using red and blue and the other using green and orange (see the snapshot), and these are further split into XP and Vista versions.

Prototype – windowblinds theme

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Prototype - windowblinds theme

Author: Uladk
Author’s Notes:
Prototype is a high contrast greyscale skin with orange highlighting for WindowBlinds XP. This is my first WindowBlinds skin so all feedback on problems/bugs are GREATLY appreciated.


Unique toolbar icons

6 substyles
- Compact & full menus
- 2 per-pixel shadow types
- Disabled per-pixel shadows