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“Concept” – Windows XP Theme

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Rating: 4.3/5 (70 votes cast)

Author: Samurai3
Author’s Notes: New Version
Bug fixed in Firefox searchbar

It´s done
included with 4 Wallpapers 1600×1200
All 36 Icons in 4 Colours
“Candara” Font and the Shellstyle

!!! “Concept-Tahoma” new download from here

The rest you can see on Preview from all 4 Styles

Vienna XP – windowblinds theme

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Vienna XP - windowblinds theme

Author: vStyler
Author’s Notes: It is strictly for Windows XP.. it has NOT been tested on Vista and is not for Vista. The walls used in screenshot are from Vista and I cannot include them. I do recommend that you use a high contrast wall with this theme as it will make the most of the transparency in the theme. There WILL be a seperate Vista version released in a few days. On my site I intend to have seperate XP and Vista sections.

This will be my last free release for a while. I have two Premium Suites in the works that will be VERY complete so please feel free to stop by my site to check for progress updates on those and also for other maxstyles exclusive content. if you get a chance , register too , only takes a sec and I would definately appreciate it.

I would like to thank all involved in the extensive testing of the Vienna WB (you know who you are), as usual, couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Included are Per pixel Frames, Animations, Toolbar buttons, Shutdown Dialogs etc etc,, the whole 9 yards.

There will be an AWESOME Vienna CursorXP set released shortly by the incredible Cursor skinner “Aroche”.. loko for it in the cursor section…

Lastly the Icons shown are called Nicon.. I believe they are on WC , if not, you can find them at

Hope everyone enjoys this WB as It’s one of my fav’s so far.

and dont forget to stop by maxstyles sometime and show some love