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Tango Yz Toolbar Themes

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Tango Yz Toolbar Themes

Author: RaZcaLinSIDe
Author’s Notes: Original icons by the Tango! Project (
Image manipulation by RaZcaL inSIDe (

This Deviation contains 4 themes for Yz Toolbar.
Hightlight is a +15 brightness Hot image when your cursor hovers the icon.
The Black & White them is colored when your cursor hovers the icon.

You have both 26px and 32px versions.

I have created almost 20 new icons with Photoshop.
In future version, I will have finished the remaining 9, but as of the 0.2 version, it is fully usable.

One day, I should participate to the project and add my new icons as SVG files …


1. Unzip the archive to your /Themes folder.
2. Select the “Tango xxxxxx” theme from the Yz Toolbar settings.

noname 1.0

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Author: sky1983628
Author’s Notes: noname 1.0

Mac OS X Original theme by tjr

Thanks to tjr.

Package include:

noname vs, ObjectBar theme, Findexplorer BG, YzToolBar theme and noname styler theme!

Firefox skin : Link

And the font is HandelGotD!

Hope u like it! Enjoy!