Download Windows 7 Theme for XP

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Download Windows 7 Theme for XP

Author: DopeySneezy
Blue Sky Edition


This Transformation pack contains a total of 82 system files you can use to transform your Windows®XP into Windows®7. But don’t let that scare you! You can get by on as few as 3 files for a very minimal transformation.(explorer.exe, shell32.dll and themeui.dll) But if you want to amaze everyone, including Bill Gates, go for the FULL installation.


If you want the basic Transformation Pack (the one that will fool most people) then install the files from the folder “Windows 7 for XP” using the enclosed Replacer Utility. Instructions for using the utility are included in this pack. Instructions for doing everything are included in the pack in plain, simple English.

If you want a total transformation, including Control Panel Applets and Installation Wizards (the pictures you see on the bottom half of the screenshot), restart your PC and then install the additional files from the folder called “Service Pack”.
An Icon Refresh utility is included in the pack, in case you don’t see a change in your icons (which can sometimes happen).

Download Windows 7 Theme for XP, 4.5 out of 5 based on 218 ratings

26 thoughts on “Download Windows 7 Theme for XP”

  1. not able to drag file system 32 in command box
    it shows file not allowed

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  2. not working..i copied folder to given destination then run replacer bt notng happn and dsply a msg “drag a file to orgnal foldr”
    plz tell me what to do? or brief method for install

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  3. how to make tasbar like of windows 7?? help me please!!!!!!

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