Indigo for Windows Vista – Theme

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Indigo for Windows Vista - Theme

Author: ShamusHand
Author’s Notes: The newest release of Codename: Azul for Vista, even though I said last version was final… Oh well!

New in this release:

- Transparent addressbar
- Transparent search
- New ShellStyle
- Minor bug fixes


- TakeControl included
- Replacement Shell32.dll included

To replace Shell32.dll:

1. Run TakeControl to take ownership of Shell32.dll
2. Rename it to ‘Shell32.dll.old’
3. Replace it with the one included.

It is recommended that you do not delete the original Shell32.dll, in case you want to revert to normal shellstyle.


Indigo for Windows Vista - Theme, 4.3 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

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