Live vista v. 1.2 – Vista Theme

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Live vista v. 1.2 - Vista Theme

Author: innominato5090
Author’s Notes: >>>>>>ONLY FOR WINDOWS VISTA 32BIT (x-86)<<<<<< this is a theme based on windows live applications. dock icons are from Litho pack ( the wallpaer is form an artist on devianart, but i don’t remember his/her name, if you are the wall artist, contact me please also included sidebar style YOU NEED TO PATCH SOME FILES. YOU CAN USE VISTA GLAZZ History: v. 1.2 shadow’s bug resolved v. 1.1 some bugs are been update (sttartbutton & aero windows) v. 1.0 first relase

Live vista v. 1.2 - Vista Theme, 4.7 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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