Lorca 1.0 – XP Theme

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Lorca 1.0 - XP Theme

Author: dloor
Author’s Notes: Lorca 1.0 – Final

All things come to an End. So here it is – The Final Version.

I hope you like this theme. If so, use it and you will make a big step into the right direction. Thanks!

28.07.07: Update
Something for concept and visuality. Sorry!
Please download this version.

- Only for personal use –


You have to copy the zipped visual style into the windows system folder “c:\windows\ressources\themes”.

This theme is for Windows XP. Bugs are fixed (I hope so…).
You need also a patched “uxtheme.dll” system file.

The wallpaper comes originally from Inga Nielsen. Please visit her website.

And finally – have fun!

Lorca by dloor

Lorca 1.0 - XP Theme, 4.3 out of 5 based on 77 ratings

4 thoughts on “Lorca 1.0 – XP Theme”

  1. Hiii…this theme is superb but i am not satified with the start menu icon, this shud b like vista Viorb then it will b more efactive…..so plz make it …..

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  2. hey there, really like your theme. I have windows xp professional, Where can I find a patch so I can use themes. You mentioned that you need to get a patch in order for them to work, uxtheme.dll.

    Where can I find that?

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