Microsoft Office: Mac – icons

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Microsoft Office: Mac - icons

Author: deleket
Author’s Notes: i did this like weeks ago. its actually a part of a bigger pack. but i have a huge workload right now i cant work on a complete software set. so i decided to release this first. ms office in mac style. plus 1 msn messenger in mac style too. only 6 icons. hope you can use them. in PNG ICO and MAC

improve the style and highlights a bit. plus added 3 office icons for those windows users that need other office icons (access, one note, and frontpage) messenger in mac style is still included in the zip file.

im sorry as this is the only uploads i can give at this time. i just hope i had more time to create more free stuff.

Microsoft Office: Mac - icons, 4.4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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