Midnight For Vista Only Vista Theme

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Midnight For Vista Only Vista Theme

Author: Butch123
Author’s Notes: To use this theme you will need the two following items which can be downloaded and applied for free…..

LogonStudio Vista!! [LogonStudio Vista]

VistaGlazz supports 32bit and 64bit
- VistaGlazz is Vista language independent
- VistaGlazz works on every Windows version that supports the Aero look (Ultimate, Business, Home Premium).

With this simple application you can easily patch your Windows Vista system to use custom styles. Similar to the UxTheme patch for Windows XP. After that you can modify your Aero style to use the glass transparency effect on maximized windows.

Download [VistaGlazz]

so it will be more simple to install use winrar then just open The folder and copy the folder inside with the file to Windows-Resources-Themes and that it…

Comments as always are welcome and appreciated….

Midnight For Vista Only Vista Theme, 4.3 out of 5 based on 40 ratings

3 thoughts on “Midnight For Vista Only Vista Theme”

  1. I downloaded the theme but i don’t no how to show it………. oops it,s not working…. it is looking like windows classic…..

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