Neion Vista Theme

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Neion Vista Theme

Author: invaderjohn
Author’s Notes: neion vs.. finally here :P
i did the last parts kinda quick so some things may not looks as good as i hoped :/

well well

includes browseui x86 and x64
and shell32 x86

and inlcudes a wallpaper (not the one in the preview, that one can be found at


Neion Vista Theme, 4.3 out of 5 based on 392 ratings

31 thoughts on “Neion Vista Theme”

  1. First you need to install VistaGlazz
    Follow the instructions on the website

    After you installed and activated VistaGlazz you download a theme, and put the contents of the zip inside of c:\windows\resources\themes

    Next you activate the theme be double-clicking the visual style file!

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  2. very bad bad bad bad theme if u c my own theme u gone die coz u dont know me frds m very celever

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  3. If you’d like to install the theme, this is how I do it.

    Use a program such as 7 zip or winrar and extract the files to the folder you saved them to, then copy and paste the whole folder in this case Neion Vista theme to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes

    Then when you’ve done that, open up the file and go to the SECOND folder you see the theme in, and select it from there :)

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  4. hi, actually your themes are very attractive but it’s taking too much time and if you have any alternative ways that will take a shorter time , please do advise me….

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  5. ???? ??

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    *2017?????? ?? ?????????:
    *??40000??? ?? N????

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