Nuage Redux – windowblinds theme

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Nuage Redux - windowblinds theme

Author: essorant
Author’s Notes: This is not a completely new skin. Quite a lot of the images are from my ‘Nuage’ skin, (which is available to buy at the link below!) and I decided I liked the shellstyle so much it deserved a new skin of it’s own. In the process I decided that I wanted to do a really transparent design – a kind of Aero alternative.

So here it is. Not new, not Aero, but all good.

There is no wallpaper included, but there are two different versions – one using red and blue and the other using green and orange (see the snapshot), and these are further split into XP and Vista versions.

Nuage Redux - windowblinds theme, 4.5 out of 5 based on 324 ratings

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