Mario – Smash Brother – wallpaper

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Mario - Smash Brother - wallpaper

Author: roike
Author’s Notes: Hi there

Mario, the Smash Brother (c) Nintendo

Inspired by Super Mario Bros.Nintendo DS cover art

hope you guys like it..cuz..i love it :D

Please, if u like it, or have some nice critique to give, comment it! this community is made of that, so any feedback you could give is important, thanks in advance

Download here :

Sorry, but i was submiting this to Deviantart but it was damn slow, i can’t wait 1 hour to uopload 5MB, sorry.

Pucko Klassik – visual style

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Pucko Klassik - visual style

Author: lassekongo83
Author’s Notes: Pucko Klassik
A classic Visual Style with the same name as the Swedish chocolate drink. ;) Includes 3 color schemes: Classic, Lime and Pucko. (Font and wallpaper is included too.)

It’s another Windows Classic inspired style. This one however is a little bit inspired by the Glider GTK theme too. :)

It’s one of those styles that works perfect with the Tango icons. [link]

Update 1:
-Increased the caption font size to 9.
-Vertical taskbar buttons fixed.
-Hovered text is now brighter.

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