Gilouche – visual style

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Gilouche - visual style

Author: hsn
Author’s Notes: Gilouche VS for Windows
Gilouche has been initially published as a Gnome skin

License: GPL

Release notes:
Flat and Light Gradient effect on the Captions
Compact and Full Startmenu
Tahoma, Calibri, Segoe UI

OSX Tiger V visual style

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OSX Tiger V visual style

Author: dobee
Author’s Notes: OSX TigerV by dobee
Version 5.1 (resubmission)

OSX Tiger theme for OSX and non-OSX users who want the look of OSX on Windows

7 styles to choose from! (Tiger, Pinstripe, Smooth Metal + bonus Milk Glass… plus graphite alternatives)
Compact Style without Spotlight
3 font choices… Lucida grande 8, Bold 8 and Bold 7 (Install the fonts included!)

Pixel Perfect Finder
OSX Cursors (with inf installation and are applied via the theme files)
Tiger wallpaper (applied via the theme files)
Icemans OSX Sounds (applied via the theme files)
ObjectDock theme package
Lucida Grande Fonts

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