Doctor Who – icons

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Author: Gedeon Maheux Author’s Notes: Icons from the longest running sci-fi show on TV. The collection contains 8 individual icons. This set built with large resources for Windows Vista. Download Doctor Who icons

Licorice VS

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Author: lassekongo83 Author’s Notes: Licorice with a flavor of Mint..? Based on “Wasabi?”, so don’t excpect any new color schemes at the moment. Changing all the gradients takes time. -_- The Foobar config didn’t became exactly like the photoshopped one in the preview, but it’s pretty close. Update 2: -Tahoma substyle added. -Caption buttons are […]

Icon-A-Day – icons

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Author: mormegil Author’s Notes: ***Update*** These Icons were done as part of my Icon-A-Day tutorial sires. In the 1.1 Icon Pack all Icons have been updated to include 256×256 Windows vista Icons. This is the last update to the 1.0 Icons, as I will be starting a new Icon-A-Day Vista Compliant pack in March. It […]

ArtWork – icons

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Author: treetog Author’s Notes: *UPDATE FOR VISTA SUPPORT* It now includes a bunch of new vista Icons! This skin is part of the ArtWork suite. For you to have more ArtWork skins, please checkout my gallery, it is a full suite. Have fun! Download ArtWork icons