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Adrenaline – vista windowblinds theme

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Adrenaline - vista windowblinds theme

Author: PixelPirate
Author’s Notes: This is a full WB based on the skin I did for the PowerArchiver contest some time ago. Updated slightly of course.

This skin features toolbar icons, progress animations, animated throbbers, per pixel graphics and all the other WB goodies.

Also included is a compact start menu substyle and a Vista substyle.

The wallpaper used in the screenshot is my own, which you can find here: http://wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=29570&libid=8


Updated to fix the gap between the quick launch icons, plus minor adjustments.

Updated to fix the fix in Vista, plus the more programs text color on mouseover in Vista.

Ascent WindowBlinds

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Ascent WindowBlinds

Author: Josephs.
Author’s Notes: This was my first WindowBlinds submission for the GUI Championships 2006! The WindowBlinds theme entitled, Ascent.

Ascent is packed with WindowBlinds 5 goodies, including: Translucent Window Frames, Translucent Taskbars, Translucent Menu Backgrounds, Translucent Start Panel and much more. Ascent WindowBlinds also includes a full set of System Animations and Toolbar Icons as well as various Substyles.

There are 3 Substyle Variations are included in the Ascent WindowBlinds theme. These 3 substyles are: Standard, Compact and my new style; Modern. These substyles are also available for WindowBlinds 4 as well. I hope everyone enjoys the theme.

Largo – windowblinds theme

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Largo - windowblinds theme

Author: essorant
Author’s Notes: Happy New Year!

This is not a new skin. It was originally a gift to some of my Premium Suite customers, but I have decided it is about time it was available to everyone (it was originally created in April 2005).

After you have installed the skin you will find the wallpaper in a zip file called ‘wallpaper_largo.zip’ in the ‘largo’ WindowBlinds folder (probably c:\Program Files\Stardock\Object Desktop\WindowBlinds\largo). It recolours nicely, so don’t be afraid of the purpleness!

Slate-X – windowblinds theme

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Slate-X - windowblinds theme

Author: Josephs
Author’s Notes: The Slate-X WindowBlinds theme was based from the early concepts of Microsoft’s Longhorn Visual Style, which was originally entitled Slate. The Microsoft Slate theme was basically a modification of the Default WindowsXP ‘Luna’ style, but featured a different Color scheme, and adjusted imagery. However, the most intriguing feature of this Visual Style was the Gradient blend of 2 shades of Grey, I examined some of the highlights of Slate, then created my own WindowBlinds theme, entitled Slate-X.

My theme, Slate-X, is my personal view on the Slate style. It features the Slate appearance, embedded in Glass and encrusted with Crystal like controls. Slate-X as a WindowBlinds theme features all of WindowBlinds v5′s features. Including Translucent Startpanel, Translucent Taskbar, Translucent Window Frames, Translucent Shutdown Controls, Translucent System Controls and more. Slate-X also includes a full set of Shell Animation .AVI’s, as well as a full set of Toolbar icons for both Explorer and IE6. As a WindowBlinds theme as a whole, Slate-X is a completely skinned WindowsXP GUI Replacement.

Slate-X comes equipped with 4 Substyles. The default substyle features a Full length Startpanel, with a User picture allocation and Username. An alternative substyle, with the Suffix ‘Mini’ is depicted in the Screenshot, and features a Full length Startpanel, without the User picture or Username. Both of these Substyles where also duplicated and converted into Compact versions, creating a total of 4 Substyles. Also, the system font, Segoe UI, is included and is required to use this theme. The fonts should automatically install on the first application of this theme, but Should you feel that the fonts have not yet been applied, you may have to manually install the fonts. The fonts are provided and can be found in your Windowblinds/Slate-X directory.