Dreaming – wallpaper

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Dreaming - wallpaper

Author: DerecV2
Author’s Notes: Dreaming

simplicity is this pictures theme, atleast that is what I was going for.
heh sorry for reminding you from the summer, Next pic will have something to do with winter, I promise

WPsizes in the pack are:

-simply click the download button-

Please comment, I’d like to know what you think, favs would also be very nice

If you like what you see here, just Watch me as I go on

stocks from sxc

Aqua-cade – wallpaper

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Aqua-cade - wallpaper

Author: Venom339
Author’s Notes: Just to prove I’m not dead, here’s a small release, all the resolutions in the preview inside the zip.

I have some more up my sleeve and was compelled to release thanks to a few friends of mine.

Green Green Grass – wallpaper

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Green Green Grass - wallpaper

Author: PhysicalMagic
Author’s Notes: !Note!
First of al: downloading this picture is highly recommended before you got any criticism! Many Sized included!


Sizes Available:


Download includes:

- Readme.
- Full wallpaper-images in all available.
- The Preview Image.

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