Vienna for Vista – Windowblinds theme

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Author: vStyler Author’s Notes: Skin Tags In OS File Size: 723 KB Downloads Today: 200 Downloads Total: 31024 Vienna for Vista By vStyler Monday, May 14, 2007 EDIT.. Please redownload and update as I have updated it to correctly use all Vista shell and explorer images. Anyone want a nice vista theme? Thanks for y’alls […]

Vista Glass – Vista theme

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Author: Butch123 Author’s Notes: VistaGlass To use this theme you will need the two following items which can be downloaded and applied for free….. LogonStudio Vista!! VistaGlazz With this simple application you can easily patch your Windows Vista system to use custom styles. Similar to the UxTheme patch for Windows XP. After that you […]

iVista Missing Icons

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Author: xXPeDr0Xx Author’s Notes: ~bishop7 have requested to release the missing icons made by =gakuseisean exclusively to iVista Pack. I told Sean that was requesting these icons and ask if he couldn’t submit them. He told me he lost the icons and that I could release them Here are they CONTAiN 45 iCONS LEGAL iNFO […]

VistaXT Release 1 – vista theme

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Author: skate3214 Author’s Notes: VistaXT Version 0.5, 1st Release. This is my first theme for Vista, labeled VistaXT, because well, it sounds cool Anyway it’s a kinda dark theme, with black and purple on most parts of the theme, but it’s not too dark. The pack includes: VistaXT Skin -New Welcome Centre -New logon Screen […]