ProjectX 2 Vista Theme

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ProjectX 2 Vista Theme

Author: sweatyfish
Author’s Notes: Here is what has been my latest obsession since the last update to Vega, stage 2 ProjectX. (made with fresh resources, the original ProjectX was not recycled)

This includes:
Visual Style
and shell32.dll

After applying the Visual Style, set your color to “Graphite” and your color intensity control to about 5-10% (real low). The reason is even though the borders are made black, Vista still adds a very slight tint to the default color.

Do not modify/redistribute in part or in whole this Visual style or the other files that come with it. Do not host this on your website’s server, just put a link to the direct file url. Saves you space and bandwidth also. :)

Fixed the white on white folders tree pane in the left panel. I must’ve accidently changed it in the past few days. Also, fixed the stretching at the top of the start menu.
Re-download to fix those.

ProjectX 2 Vista Theme, 4.5 out of 5 based on 1089 ratings

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