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Vista (Plastic)

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Author: RadialFX
Author’s Notes: I wanted to make something to go with Windows Vista look. These were made with the glass transparent look and I’m working on a set to go with the darker theme. I hope you like them!


Vista Pro CursorXP

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Author: RPGuere
Author’s Notes: UPDATED!! Fixed small hotspot issue with button cursor, replaced annoying pulsating link cursor with a simple green hand. Don’t really know what the deal is with Windows XP automatic whatever that some have mentioned. I made the cursor in cursorxp, and set all the hotspots. It works fine for me.

Well, I don’t have any idea how I stumbled into making a cursor, but here it is. It was fun, and it came out pretty good I think. It’s very minimal, but goes good with most anything, especially Vista skins. Hope someone likes it. The preview doesn’t really tell the story, I have some decent animations in there I think. Enjoy! Please give feedback, since this is my first cursor.