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Ice Angel VS

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Ice Angel VS

Author: ninique
Author’s Notes: Presenting IceAngel VS, or “The theme that everybody was waiting for and I took forever to finish” XD.

Before I talk about anything else, I have to say that there is NO SHELLSTYLE. I *was* going to wait until I made the shellstyle before releasing this, but college just started again and I’m fearing that at the rate things are going, if I would have waited until the shellstyle’s finished to release the theme, nobody would be wanting this anymore because everyone would have Vista.

The theme has a thin taskbar, and two substyles: default and compact start menu. There is also a 1024×768 wallpaper included in the zip.

I cleaned up the interface a lot since the version from last year, I especially worked at giving a crisper look to the caption buttons (which is why they are a bit smaller than on last year’s preview) and worked to fix the many bugs that had discouraged me from finishing the theme the first time around. There is still a bug in photshop (well PS7 anyway) with the bottom of the windows. . .I guess Photoshop doesn’t like round window bottoms <.< For those who don't know how to use it: 1- Get the uxtheme patcher from Neowin.net http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=140707 2- Install it and restart your PC 3- Unzip the theme into C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes 4- Go into your display properties (by right-clicking on your desktop or in the control panel) 5- In the appearance tab, in the first dropdown, there should be a new entry named "Ice Angel"


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Author: aMADme
Author’s Notes: Here we go!

features 2 substyles core.range and core.gee

core.gee is inspired by the layout of GSM to which egolatra kindly invited me after I posted DaftCore …thx again!
in the following weeks I’ll isolate core.gee from the vs and it will be modified with more elements of GSM once finished it’ll be part of a huge awesome suite that’ll be available on GSM in a few weeks you definetly should look out for that!!

CORE.VISUALSTYLE is OpenSource and you can modify, port and release as much as you want w/o permission! Just give credit in some way!

Office 2007 – visual style

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Office 2007 - visual style

Author: andymorum
Author’s Notes: A theme to complement the new look sported by Office 2007 (well done Microsoft!).

Includes Blue & Black themes, both with two start buttons and shellstyles.

- Install Segoe UI, Cambria and Calibri and turn on ClearType.

Drop Shadows & The Start Menu
- See readme file for more information.

Version History:
1.0 – Initial Release
1.1 – improved Start menu to avoid issues related to non-fast user switching.
1.2 – fixed: scrollbars, toolwindow buttons, toolbar colour & more :)


Pucko Klassik – visual style

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Pucko Klassik - visual style

Author: lassekongo83
Author’s Notes: Pucko Klassik
A classic Visual Style with the same name as the Swedish chocolate drink. ;) Includes 3 color schemes: Classic, Lime and Pucko. (Font and wallpaper is included too.)

It’s another Windows Classic inspired style. This one however is a little bit inspired by the Glider GTK theme too. :)

It’s one of those styles that works perfect with the Tango icons. [link]

Update 1:
-Increased the caption font size to 9.
-Vertical taskbar buttons fixed.
-Hovered text is now brighter.