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Office 2007 – visual style

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Office 2007 - visual style

Author: andymorum
Author’s Notes: A theme to complement the new look sported by Office 2007 (well done Microsoft!).

Includes Blue & Black themes, both with two start buttons and shellstyles.

- Install Segoe UI, Cambria and Calibri and turn on ClearType.

Drop Shadows & The Start Menu
- See readme file for more information.

Version History:
1.0 – Initial Release
1.1 – improved Start menu to avoid issues related to non-fast user switching.
1.2 – fixed: scrollbars, toolwindow buttons, toolbar colour & more :)


Pucko Klassik – visual style

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Pucko Klassik - visual style

Author: lassekongo83
Author’s Notes: Pucko Klassik
A classic Visual Style with the same name as the Swedish chocolate drink. ;) Includes 3 color schemes: Classic, Lime and Pucko. (Font and wallpaper is included too.)

It’s another Windows Classic inspired style. This one however is a little bit inspired by the Glider GTK theme too. :)

It’s one of those styles that works perfect with the Tango icons. [link]

Update 1:
-Increased the caption font size to 9.
-Vertical taskbar buttons fixed.
-Hovered text is now brighter.

Largo – windowblinds theme

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Largo - windowblinds theme

Author: essorant
Author’s Notes: Happy New Year!

This is not a new skin. It was originally a gift to some of my Premium Suite customers, but I have decided it is about time it was available to everyone (it was originally created in April 2005).

After you have installed the skin you will find the wallpaper in a zip file called ‘wallpaper_largo.zip’ in the ‘largo’ WindowBlinds folder (probably c:\Program Files\Stardock\Object Desktop\WindowBlinds\largo). It recolours nicely, so don’t be afraid of the purpleness!