Vista Plus Version 3 – WindowBlinds Vista Theme

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Vista Plus Version 3 - WindowBlinds Vista Theme

Author: adni18
Author’s Notes: *** Major UPDATE 11 SEPT 2007 ***
-The pink line in the top of the windows has been corrected.
-Updated for WindowBlinds 6 and for Windows Vista users, before was only for Windows XP, now it works with both.

Yes I know, another Vista skin is too much for some of you…
It is done because the first time I saw the original Vista skin with those excellent buttons/ highlights couldn’t resist to make a variation of it and use it in everyday basis with my Windows XP, so here is a blue variation inspired by the official Microsoft Windows Vista skin.

A skinner can’t use other skins than his own, no matter how beautiful they are, after all, this is what the skinning is about, personalization and sharing, isn’t it?

Regards – adni18

Vista Plus Version 3 - WindowBlinds Vista Theme, 4.2 out of 5 based on 89 ratings

18 thoughts on “Vista Plus Version 3 – WindowBlinds Vista Theme”

  1. wow your every were man, if you type andi18 your at 100′s of sites

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  2. This is one of my favorite skins. I am using winxp. One bug I noticed is that it doesnt paint all of IE7 correctly. The part with a problem I noticed is the tool bar for Roboform. Its background is blacked out. Sometimes I can get it to paint if I play with the re-size. Does anyone know if this skin was ever updated?

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  3. beautiful theme ………
    but how to download it i dont see any download link……..
    can anybody help :(

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  4. Por que a minha atualização de status do face aparece no messenger do meu marido e o dele aparece no meu face como se fosse meu?

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