Vista WindowBlinds Theme – Stromboli

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Vista WindowBlinds Theme - Stromboli

Author: apb2

Vista WindowBlinds Theme - Stromboli, 4.4 out of 5 based on 4049 ratings

115 thoughts on “Vista WindowBlinds Theme – Stromboli”

  1. i just download the theme i got images,video clips.can u telll me how to install

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  2. its useless to keep ………….
    there is no setup file
    i just simply got images and movies
    waste of my memory

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  3. Hi Monica! Waving *HELLO!* to you from Washington State USA. I found your blog through totosies. Seems we like many of the same people *winks* I haven’t been to too many places in the world, but Norway is at the top of the most beautiful!! One of my best friends lives in Oslo, and what a wonderful life y’all have there! Can’t wait to go back! Anyhoo I’m loving your blog! That tunnel was sooo interesting! Vanna

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