Windows 7 Theme For Vista

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Windows 7 Theme For Vista

Author: giannisgx89
Author’s Notes: I finally finished the Windows 7 style for Windows Vista SP1 and x86 systems ONLY! :)
This was the first style that took me less than a day to complete it and that’s because it is almost like Windows Vista. :)
Also you will notice that this style is very very fast in fact that it doesn’t have heavy Shellstyle images, soft shadows etc.

Windows 7 Theme For Vista, 4.4 out of 5 based on 2781 ratings

171 thoughts on “Windows 7 Theme For Vista”

  1. AWSUM!!! Thank You Very Much Mate You Saved My Money For Buying A Windows7 :D


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  2. hey guys,plzz tel me hw to download themes from this site…for my windows xp. bye

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    I am trying to find a different version and get shit like this!!!!!!!

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  4. any one pls…. help me to install this. the instruction are not sufficient.

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  5. I tried the theme and is a force but in the end remains the tremendous slowness of view that I had to break down with a new version of Windows and you think what? obviously xp. Power windows XP will remain forever in the hearts of us all.Perhaps it has many security holes but I do not care … it works, yet. As if my mother became a zombie I will not cut off my head but I would keep at home in the kennel and would take every day fresh meat to devour. the mother is always the mother, even if it becomes zombie.

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  6. Grᥱat bᥱаt ! І աіѕɦ tο аρⲣгᥱntіcе ᴡhilᥱ уοu аmend үοսг աᥱƅ ѕіtе,
    ɦoѡ coulɗ і subѕϲrіЬe fߋг
    ɑ bⅼοg wеb ѕіtᥱ?
    ƬҺе acсߋᥙnt ɑiⅾеɗ mе а
    аcϲeρtable ɗеɑⅼ.
    Ⅰ һaɗ bееn а littlе bіt aϲqսaіnteԀ ⲟf thіѕ уοuг ƅrօаԀсɑst
    оffегᥱԁ ЬгіցҺt cⅼᥱaг cоncерt

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  7. I һavᥱ reɑd ѕⲟ many ⲣօѕtѕ оn tһе
    tоρiс ⲟf tҺᥱ bⅼοgɡᥱг lоѵегѕ
    ехcᥱρt tҺiѕ рагaցгаρɦ іs геalⅼү ɑ niϲe ρоst, ҝееρ it ᥙρ.

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