Windows 8 Theme Base

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Author: link6155
Author’s Notes: FAQs:

Q: What is Base?
A: Base is a theme made for Windows 8

Q: Help! The theme isn’t applying and I am getting a grey basic theme!
A: Make sure to patch/override your uxtheme.dll file using UXStyle or UXtheme Ultra patcher.

Q: Will there be a windows 7 version?
A: Probably not, since I no longer have Windows 7 on any PC

Q: Will there be other colors?
A: Maybe, although it’s not planned

Q: The up arrow icon is so ugly, why don’t you change it?
A: I can’t, you would need to modify your system to do this

Q: How can I get the Start Menu like the one you have in the preview?
A: You need StartIsBack, which you can get here (start 8 can also apply the skin, but it won’t look right): [link]

Q:Hey, explorer’s title text is black, how can I fix this?
A:You need ribbon disabler (see “Info”)

Windows 8 Theme Base, 2.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

6 thoughts on “Windows 8 Theme Base”

  1. Congratulations on both your accomplishments, Mari! I ran across a photo of me the other day in my best Pat Benatar outfit! I have very little evidence of my early artwork, but what I do have makes me cringe. Of course, it would be worse if I saw I hadn’t improved over the years. Happy Mother’s Day to you, lovely lady.

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  2. This will be our first year doing the advent ideas too…I love to see the ideas that are out there and you’ve got some cute ones. Others that we have that may be enjoyed:*Picnic by the Christmas tree or slumber party by the tree for older kids*Mary and Joseph dinner (fish, bread, nuts, fruit, grape juice, etc.)*Go shopping and each fam member pick out a new ornament*Start a holiday coloring book, color a page each year and date it.*Elf hunt*Learn about other countries Christmas traditions-love ya!!

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  3. July 4, 2011 at 5:06 am · Slightly misleading when you say this was “was the only thing Grey Area properly released”, because Grey Area is simply a pseudonym of garage supremo Ronny Burrell.

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  4. Coincido con esto y confieso que antes solia desayunar religiosamente todos los dias, pero lo he dejado de hacer desde hace varios meses. Es momento de retomar algunos buenos hábitos que he dejado de lado. Seria padre un reto como el de que te invita a darle seguimiento a tu meta online para que todos la vean… eso es peso saludable 2.0 saludos y felicidades por la contribución

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