Code a Java Game

Video games are a favorite pastime of almost everyone. Even if you don’t plan to become a professional game developer, or simply don’t know enough, it is a great idea to learn a programming language through practice. It could also be a great motivator for your learning.

This article is for all Java beginners and prospective students. It also addresses anyone who wants to create a Java game project but doesn’t know where or how to start.

Is Java bad news for GameDev? Reality and myths

You might think Java is not the best choice for game development if you read forums and articles about it, especially those that are older. This opinion is outdated and inaccurate. The video games industry is very diverse. You can divide video games into these categories:

“Big” games. Examples include 3D-shooters, large scale action adventures / action RPG. This category also includes AAA-level projects. These are usually high-budget games that are targeted at a large audience, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, or Assassin Creed Originals. These games are often written in C++ and accompanied by game engines.

Due to the peculiarities and limitations of the JVM, Java is a rare guest in this type of game development. It can be used, for instance, to create back-end components.

Indie games. One gamer treats indie games with contempt, while the other loves them with passion. Indie game is a game that was created independently by a small group or one developer.

Many Indie projects are amateur, and some don’t make any money. Indie is about originality and gameplay, good scripts, subjective vision, and creativity rather than high-end graphics and performance. However, Indie projects have become hugely popular and exploded onto the market. Minecraft is a good example of such a game, which was originally created by Markus Persson. Over 176 million Minecraft copies had been sold as of May 2019. This makes it one the most popular video games ever. Microsoft purchased Mojang and Minecraft for US$ 2.5 billion in 2014. Markus Persson, a Java Developer, wrote his famous brainchild in Java. Java is great for Indie projects.

Mobile games. This market is growing with the performance and quantity of smartphones. Nearly everyone has played a mobile game. It could have been 2048 or a mobile remake of an older game, or a game with a new idea. Java is good for mobile game development. The answer is a solid, “yes”. Android smartphones now hold 80% of the market. Java is the native language of Android. There are many mobile games written in Java.

Conclusions. Conclusions. Java is great for mobile games and Indie project development (these markets are somewhat intertwined) as well as for the development and maintenance of servers for high-loaded online games. This is Indie growth time. You can make these games during your Java learning.

Java is also a universal language. It is used in server side Enterprise development, in Big Data and Mobile apps, Trading apps and embedded space. Java Developer can switch roles. Java allows you to choose more than any other programming language.

If you are certain that you want to become a major games developer, then C++ or some game engines like Unity and Unreal are the best options for learning.

Is it possible for a beginner programmer to create their own game? How do you do it?

Even the simplest video games can be difficult to create, especially for someone who doesn’t have any programming experience. We live in an open information era, which means that we can find different steps and courses for different levels. This paragraph will cover three options for Java beginners to create games.

Case 1. Step-by-step instructions for creating a new case. CodeGym Games section

This feature is suitable for beginners. You can create your own version of 3 (for the moment, 3 more are under development) classic games using very basic Java knowledge. CodeGym’s Games section is part of the main course. It is free for all users and not just CodeGym students.

The CodeGym Games section allows you to create your own versions legendary video games like Minesweeper or Snake (Space Invaders and Moon Lander are currently in development).

Each game has two dozen subtasks with step-by-step instructions. The student receives the subtask and tips, and then writes code. It is then checked by the auto CodeGym System. Student moves on to the next step if the code is correct. All code is written in CodeGym directly or in IntelliJ IDEA using special plugins that you can find on the CodeGym.

Once you’ve completed the last step, you can publish your game on the site. You can customize it as you like and share it with your friends. These games use the CodeGym game engine. You can read more about it in this article.

What are the basics of coding these games? This is the first level of Java programs. It includes knowledge about classes and objects, basic data types such as String and loops, and arrays. To gain this knowledge, CodeGym recommends that you complete the first five levels of the course. You can use this useful theory to help you solve the tasks if you are not confident enough. CodeGym Games is still a great option for those who are familiar with Java Core, but have never made games. You can modify your existing solutions and create new ones after they are approved.

Use CodeGym Games without payment

Case 2.

It is a good idea to do mods (modifications), with Java if you enjoy Minecraft. Mods are used to add content to the game or to give players more control over how they interact with Minecraft. You might code a more precise bow, or something similar. Some people create mini-games right inside Minecraft.

Even if you don’t like the game, it is a good idea for anyone new to learn how to decompile code and modify it. You may later be able to create your own Minecraft modes.

Before you can start modding, make sure that your IDE and JDK are installed. Forge is a popular tool for Java modding. There are many tutorials and courses on Java Minecraft modding.

What are the basics of modding Minecraft with Java

It all depends on what complexity you are trying to achieve. It is important to know Java Classes and Objects. However, it would be more useful if there were more or less solid skills in OOP using, introductions to streams and threads, and Java Collections.

Payment: Usually, you will need to buy your own Minecraft version. You can find paid courses online if you don’t want the responsibility of modding.

Case 3.

This is not a case for complete novices. We will now tell you what Java novice programmers who decide to create a game should be paying attention to.

Are you a developer with an idea for an indy mobile or cross-platform project? Perhaps you have the ability to create your own version of the popular game. What should you do if Java Core is all you know about game development? It can be difficult to write a game using raw Java, but there are many useful libraries and frameworks that will help you bring your idea to life.

What is the game made up of?

Graphics-Physics (the interaction of objects in a game)
– AI (it’s not in every game, but it’s quite common).
– Sound
OpenGL is an open-source cross-platform application programming interface. It allows you to render vector graphics in 2D and 3D. OpenGL functions can be used in Java with certain libraries, such as Java3D (Java OpenGL), JOGL (Java OpenGL), and LWJGL(Lightweight Java Game Library). All of them are cross-platform, free, and open source. LWJGL is the most popular. It is the core technology of many other game engines, libraries, and programs. LWJGL allows you to access the OpenGL graphics library. It contains everything you need for creating 2D and 3-D games. LWJGL supports the powerful cross platform API OpenAL for creating music and sound effects, and OpenCL for cross-platform parallel programming.

libGDX is an LWJGL framework that allows cross-platform games. It includes a Box 2D engine, which allows you to create game physics and many graphics classes.

libGDX is made up of many modules. You can use it to create AI-based characters and control light behavior and physics.

You can create games for multiple platforms using libGDX or box2d, including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Cross-platform means that you don’t have to create the code for every platform.

It is therefore a good idea for beginners to learn libGDX as a Java game developer.

What more?

Game development is more than just programming. You should also learn how to manage your project yourself.

Create pixel art, textures, and sprites of characters. This can be done with an image editor. You can use Paint.Net or Pinta to do this.

Design level maps. A tile set is required to create a map. A graphic editor can create it. To create a map using tiles, you can use Tiled.

Create texture atlases. Texture atlas is a single image that contains all of our sprites. Atlas speeds up the development process. This task can be completed with a Sprite Sheet Packer.

Make a graphical interface. Use Overlap2D, for example.

Many tutorials are available on how to use libGDX. Here’s a link to the official one.


You can create your own game, regardless of whether you want to be a game designer or choose another branch of programming. This is a great way to learn Java. You are involved in every stage of a typical software project, from creation to release, when you code a game. You can see the results of your work, and you may share it with your friends or publish it somewhere (Google Play).


The Hardest mobs to breed in Minecraft

Minecraft offers a variety of animal mobs from both the Overworld dimension and the Nether dimension. Many of these can be bred to increase their number.

There are many species of animals that can be bred in Minecraft. However, each species requires a different food item. A specific food item is required to initiate love mode or breed mobs. Although these food items can be found easily or quite difficult, they are not uncommon to find in breeders.

Despite the fact that some animals mobs can be more difficult to breed than others it shouldn’t stop players from trying. Some of the most difficult-to-breed mobs are the best.

Minecraft: The most difficult mob to breed in-game

5) Axolotls

Axolotls are one of the most recent mobs to Minecraft. They can offer players benefits like Regeneration and the removal of Mining Fatigue.

It is therefore a smart move to breed Axolotls, and bring them to places like Ocean Monuments. Axolotls need buckets of tropical fish in order to breed, which is not the case with other mobs. Axolotls can only be bred from one bucket, so players need multiple buckets.

Axolotls are difficult to breed due to their limited habitat in cave biomes.

4) Turtles

Turtles can be bred in Minecraft with seagrass, which is required because they are a food item. It comes down to their fragile eggs after breeding.

It takes turtle eggs a long time to hatch. They can also be broken easily by other players or entities who tramp on them.

Players may need to take additional steps to secure a beach area where turtles breed. This can make protecting eggs more difficult depending on the difficulty of the location.

3) Pandas

While it is a popular option to breed pandas from the jungle biome, it is not as easy as you might think. To enter the love mode in Minecraft pandas must eat bamboo, and they need at least eight bamboo blocks within five blocks of their parents.

The bamboo must be within close proximity of the pandas so they can eat it. This parameter can also be affected by the fact that pandas may become hostile to players if they are fed too close to each other.

Pandas are difficult to breed because there is a particular method.

2) Striders/Hoglins

Two mobs from the harsh Nether dimension are hoglins and striders. They share many similarities in their breeding material.

Striders need warped fungus while hoglins require crimson. Both these food items are mushrooms-like fungi found in the forests of The Nether. It is possible to get either one of these items due to the dangers of the Nether.

It is also important to note that hoglins are by default hostile to players, so breeding them could prove dangerous if the proper steps are not taken.

Hoglins won’t attack players who stand near blocks they fear, such as a reset anchor or warped fungi blocks. It is best to stay close to safe areas during breeding.

1) Tamed horses and donkeys

Horses and donkeys are more easily accessible than other animals due to their presence in plains biomes. However, breeding tamed versions requires golden food items. Golden apples, golden carrots or enchanted golden apple are required for taming donkeys and horses.

Golden food items can only be obtained from specific chests in generated structures. However, golden foods require eight golden coins and carrots need golden nuggets. Players can eat enchanted golden apples, which are not craftable.


Creative servers

Minecraft creative servers tend to focus on the building aspects of the game, allowing players to freely construct anything they desire alongside hundreds of other gamers.

Players will have access to various server plugins, such as WorldEdit, VoxelSniper and Schematics, if they are good Minecraft creative servers. This is extremely useful because builders won’t have to install mods themselves.

Large worlds packed with hundreds of amazing builds are what make Minecraft the best creative/building servers.

Mox IP:

MoxMC has a variety of social building tools for players. To instantly be assigned a piece of land, players need to type “/plot Auto” upon joining the server.

Entering “/warpplots” will take players back to the vast plot universe, where they can admire, learn and get inspired by the thousands of epic builds left by others. is the server IP address

MCVantage IP:

MCVantage was founded in 2020 and is a small server. In recent years, it has seen some popularity. It supports a wide range of game modes, including creative, making it a great choice for those looking to build a tight-knit community.

It also aims to give all players free access to powerful building tools like WorldEdit, Arceon and VoxelSniper. Schematics is another option.

MCVantage supports Java Edition as well as Bedrock Edition. This allows players to connect to their preferred version on any device.

Server IP Address:

Edawg 878 IP :

Edawg878 is a well-known name among long-time Minecrafters. It is one of the most creative Minecraft servers. It was established almost 10 years ago.

Although it has lost some of its original glory, the server remains a great choice for players looking for a server that is fun and builds community. It also features heavy roleplaying elements.

Server IP Address:

Creative Fun IP:

Creative Fun is a place for players who are interested in building Minecraft servers.

Creative Fun has many attractive features that builders will love, as you would expect. These include huge plots measuring 512×512 pixels, roleplay names and WorldEdit. There is even an anti-grief/rollback system that allows players to build with confidence.

Server IP Address:

Builders Refuge IP:

Builders Refuge is a creative server highly regarded by the Minecraft building community.

Builders Refuge is a professional Minecraft server that was built from the ground up. The server has all the most recent and best build tools, including WorldEdit and VoxelSniper as well as goPaint and goBrush.

Builders Refuge’s custom-developed export and import feature for schematics is perhaps the best part of Builders Refuge. This feature allows players to easily download large builds and upload them via the website.

Server IP Address:


The best Skyblock Minecraft servers of 2021

In Minecraft Servers, the Skyblock is one of those game modes that seem to be an all-time and one of the favorites with fans of Minecraft for many years now. But over the years, we have witnessed the servers and their game modes evolving through various plugins that are incredibly efficient and modern. This growth has led to some refreshingly cool and new features for gameplay.

Skyblock servers in Minecraft allow players to initiate play on an island afloat. And to begin with, they get a modest amount of resources. Players typically construct a generator out of cobblestone and build a farm of sorts to progress and survive. They will, in time, level up and grow their island as they keep playing.

If you live for the skyblock game mode in Minecraft, you have reached the right place. The 5 best Skyblock Minecraft Server list is small in number to make your choice more refined. Please note that these servers are compatible with the latest version of Minecraft. They witness hundred of players at a time and boasts of a dynamic team. Most importantly, they have frequently undergone an update in 2021.

Please note the list in is no order of rank or quality and are all equally smashing.

Here they go!

1.     ExtremeCraft


ExtremeCraft is an awesome Minecraft server that offers multiple game modes, and amongst those is a supreme-quality skyblock server.

It has established many distinct improvements and modifications to its default game mode on skyblock so that players get a more delightful experience. Some of the updated features that come along the same are island teams, auction system on items across the server, events for PvP, and crate keys.

2.     PvPwars


PvPwars has a substantial network for Minecraft servers and offers the players the joy of playing with two popular and distinct skyblock servers.

When you are on the network on PvPwars playing skyblock, you will indeed get all the game’s usual features, but you can also expect to get much more. Some of the skyblock PvPwars Minecraft server’s specific features are island spawners, mob arena, and an exciting feature called mob coins.

But above all, the most appealing feature of the skyblock PvPwars is getting the shot to earn real money. It makes sure to reward its top players with quite a sum by the end of every month. And this feature makes it a formidable contender amongst other servers as it rules out the competition with the real-money reward approach.

3.     Mox MC


Mox MC is the essence of the classic and original skyblock Minecraft server but modern enough to contest in 2021. This server is ideal if you are looking for something straightforward and the usual gameplay design to play with ease as you learn and grasp.

Mox MC is home to hundreds of players at a time, and all of them have their own island of skyblock that they can visit at any given time. The USP of this skyblock Minecraft server is that players can tread on their chosen path along with their island from the very start.

Mox MC also gives its players the leverage to start their shop, build a farm, make a casino, or anything else they want after joining. All of these perks come without the need for those time-consuming tutorials and challenging gameplay needs.

4.     Hypixel


Hypixel is one of the most common and undoubtedly the most popular Minecraft servers that almost all Minecraft players must have come across at one point or another in their Minecraft lifetime. It is the biggest amongst all the Minecraft servers in the world and observes over a hundred thousand players during the prime time of the day.

It is so popular that it has partnered with the biggest names in creating content to advance and record its game mode for skyblock, such as Nullzee, Technoblade, and TommyInnit, amongst many others. Hypixel can give other servers a run for their money with its features on gameplay. Players can opt for their paths as their skills level up with the help of progression-based mechanics.

Another remarkable aspect of Hypixel is that players can make real money by trading items, farming, quest completion, boss battle combat, and so much more.

5.     Cosmic Sky


Cosmic Sky is not the conventional skyblock Minecraft server and offers a rather offbeat experience. And that’s why it may not suit everyone’s taste buds, for many are accustomed to the classic style of skyblock.

But if you are a skilled player and adept with skyblock mechanics, this Minecraft server will give you a whole new exciting experience. That’s because Cosmic Sky comes with unusual skyblock features such as island minions, island challenges, and coinflip features that allow gambling. Some well-known YouTubers that play Cosmic Sky are Vikkstar123, PrestonPlayz, and MrWoofless, amongst many others.


Minecraft server modding?

I was about to get into Minecraft server modding but it seems like I’m a bit out of touch. Looking at current community of Minecraft server owners it seems like it largely shifted from Bukkit to Spigot. Which is strange to say at least considering Spigot developers are now also updating Bukkit from what I saw.

Guess it makes sense since Spigot was actually Bukkit fork, built on top of Bukkit. That being said I gotta do some reading and exploring before I can start releasing new plugins 🙂